Meet Our Speakers

TEDxVictoriaUniversity is proud to present four talented individuals who are well accredited in their respective fields of expertise. 

They have worked hard to develop their unique idea and they collectively believe in opening the minds of our audience to new ways of thinking in order to bridge the knowledge-action gap.

Jane Hickey

Jane Hickey is an Australian youth worker and university lecturer with the College of Arts and Education at VU. She has a background working in not-for-profit organisations, supporting young people with disabilities to participate in education and access the community.


Jane is currently completing her PhD, exploring the experiences of university students with hidden disabilities.


Jane believes that there is strength in diversity and is passionate about advocating for a fair and just community.  Jane is keen to challenge assumptions and create new ways to work together to promote inclusion for all.

Dr Michaela Pascoe

Michaela Pascoe is a research fellow in the Institute for Health and Sport with expertise in mental health and a passion for science communication.

Michaela is an active science communicator and has worked with the BBC, ABC, Channel 7 and the Conversation, to name a few. Michaela has successfully produced a film based health promotion program to promote mental health among students during COVID-19. Michaela is also an actor and commonly consults on film scripts to create content that is accurate and scientifically informed.

Michaela will be talking about the power of narrative to communicate science and promote public health.

Lindsay Rattray

Lindsay is all about maximising learning through human-centred education technology. He is an experienced leader in education, specialising in learning & teaching, innovation, and learning technologies.


Lindsay's qualifications include a Master of Learning Sciences & Technology, a Computer Science degree, and an Arts degree and has taught in many places, including Syria. He has worked in universities, start-ups, and education companies.


His talk is about how ‘Edtech’ can transform our educational experiences, helping us focus on the most valuable parts of the learning process.

Dr Kori Novak

Dr. Kori Novak is an accomplished Senior Executive with more than 20 years of success spanning healthcare criminal justice. Dr. Novak’s broad areas of expertise include elder care, hospice services, healthcare strategy, correctional health and public affairs. 


Dr. Novak is currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the Toiyabe Indian Health Project, a Native American Tribal organization in California, USA. She is a Sr. Researcher in Gerontology at Oxford University (UK) and a Sr. Fellow of Sociology at the School of Law and Social Science at the University of Suffolk (UK). 


She has spent a significant portion of her professional, academic and personal life focused on hospice services and the study of trauma and how it relates to compassion and caregiving.  Her idea worth sharing is that to be a truly actualized society we need to consider our social and personal definitions of compassion.